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Date Guest Title
09/27/1989 Thomas, Lewis The Science of Medicine
06/19/1988 Wiesel, Elie Nobel Laureates … and the Future
05/11/1985 Salk, Jonas Man Evolving …
10/04/1984 Rifkin, Jeremy FTED: Genetic Engineering: Who Plays God?
01/26/1983 Thomas, Lewis The Youngest Scientist: Notes of a Medicine Watcher
01/10/1983 Thomas, Lewis Genetic Manipulation
09/13/1982 Florman, Sam Blaming Technology: The Irrational Search for Scapegoats
08/12/1980 Merton, Robert Honesty in Science
08/12/1980 Golden, William T. Science Advisor
11/03/1977 Gaylin, Willard Science, Society, and Control, Part II
10/28/1977 Gaylin, Willard Science, Society, and Control, Part I
06/29/1958 Cant, Gilbert Medical Research and the Affluent Society
11/03/1957 Benton, William Science and Survival in the U.S. and Russia
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