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Date Guest Title
02/21/2015 Needham, Col The Movie Database
01/10/2015 Taylor, Astra A People’s Platform
11/08/2014 Baker, Mitchell Our Digital Future
07/05/2014 Keller, Bill The Marshall Project
06/21/2014 Palfrey, John Digital Natives
08/31/2013 Matalon, J. Rolando Religion and Social Activism in Modern America
10/29/2011 Zauderer, Mark The Legal Brain-Scape: Neuroscience and the Law
04/17/2010 Specter, Michael DENIALISM by Michael Specter
04/14/2009 Varmus, Harold The Art and Politics of Science, Part I
04/14/2009 Varmus, Harold The Art and Politics of Science, Part II
06/18/2007 Futter, Ellen Shake Them Bones
06/18/2007 Nurse, Paul A Vital Dialogue: Science and Its Paymasters
01/20/2006 Nurse, Paul Are Scientists Keeping the Trust of the Public?
05/10/2002 Rosen, Jeffrey Silicon Valley’s Spy Game
05/09/2002 Lin, Herbert Youth, Pornography, and the Internet
01/30/2002 Blumenthal, David Medical Scientists and the Marketplace
12/07/2000 Grossman, Lawrence K. A Digital Gift to the Nation
12/03/1997 Kinsley, Michael Some Webbies Think the Internet Can Do No Wrong –That’s Not Right!
07/09/1996 Levine, Arthur A ‘Technological Fix’ for Education
09/16/1992 Wriston, Walter How Communications Technology Is Changing Our World
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