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Date Guest Title
03/29/1987 Fore, William F. Religion, Money, and Politics, Part II
01/25/1984 Sterling, Claire The Plot to Kill the Pope
05/08/1983 Hehir, Father J. Bryan FTED: Bishops on the Brink
04/18/1983 Fore, William F. The Electronic Church
12/19/1982 Gumbleton, Bishop Thomas J. FTED: Bombs and Bishops
10/10/1982 Al-Kasim, Marwan FTED: Prospects for Peace-Jordan’s Role
08/20/1981 Epstein, Benjamin Anti-Semitism, Part I
08/20/1981 Epstein, Benjamin Anti-Semitism, Part II
02/01/1967 Fromm, Erich The Old Testament
12/21/1958 Forster, Arnold Anti-Semitism, Part II
12/14/1958 Forster, Arnold Anti-Semitism, Part I
06/09/1956 Forster, Arnold Nature of Anti-Semitism
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