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Date Guest Title
03/17/1990 Burns, James MacGregor Means and Ends In American Politics
02/11/1990 Sterling, Claire The Mafia … A Far Deadlier Menace than the Red Brigade
12/17/1989 Rosenfeld, Harry M. Deep Throat … How Necessary an Evil?
10/15/1989 Shanker, Albert Kinder, Gentler Union Leader?
10/15/1989 Valenti, Jack Money Is the Cancer in the Belly of American Politics … Jack Valenti
09/17/1989 Fontana, Vincent The Sins of the Parents
11/09/1988 Koch, Edward I. The Democrats … After the Fall
09/24/1988 Bateson, Mary Catherine AIDS – The Social Response
03/26/1988 Wanniski, Jude A Gourmet Guide to the News
02/20/1988 Jacoby, Russell The Last Intellectuals
02/20/1988 Boyle, Kevin Freedom … An Article of Faith
01/24/1988 Wall, James Religion in Politics
01/17/1988 Koch, Edward I. A Winter’s Tale … and More
09/12/1987 Koch, Edward I. On Intimations of Mortality
06/14/1987 Sheinbaum, Stanley K. Money and Politics
06/07/1987 Bloom, Alan The Closing of the American Mind
05/10/1987 Koch, Edward I. Koch on Our Town
03/01/1987 Cousins, Norman The Pathology of Power
11/22/1986 O'Neill, Michael J. Terrorism and Television
11/08/1986 Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. The Historian as Activist
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