Topic: Politics and Public Affairs
Date Guest Title
12/14/1993 Reed, Ralph The Christian Coalition and ‘The Sins of Others,’ Part II
10/29/1993 Hechinger, Fred Adolescence: Second Chance … Last Chance Part I
10/29/1993 Hechinger, Fred More on Adolescence and the Future
06/03/1993 Hamburg, Margaret The Health of Our Cities
10/09/1992 Safire, William William Safire on the Book of Job in Today’s Politics, Part I
07/15/1992 Hamburg, David What Are We Americans Willing to Do for Our Children, Our Future?
12/28/1991 Koch, Edward I. To Be a Politician … A Citizen’s View
11/03/1991 Hewlitt, Sylvia Ann Neglecting Our Children … A New American Way?
10/19/1991 Etzioni, Amitai A Golden Mean … Between the Individual and the Community
09/28/1991 Thier, Samuel O. Rx for Medical Care in America, Part I
09/28/1991 Thier, Samuel O. Rx for Medical Care in America, Part II
02/02/1991 McGuire, Robert The Terror Among Us
11/25/1990 Passell, Peter The Politics of Economics
11/11/1990 Roper, Burns What’s Your Opinion?
09/23/1990 Phillips, Kevin The Politics of Rich and Poor
05/05/1990 Noonan, Peggy In The Future Tense
03/25/1990 Barber, Benjamin A New Requirement for the Educated Person:Community Service
03/17/1990 Burns, James MacGregor Means and Ends In American Politics
02/11/1990 Sterling, Claire The Mafia … A Far Deadlier Menace than the Red Brigade
12/17/1989 Rosenfeld, Harry M. Deep Throat … How Necessary an Evil?
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