Host: Politics and Public Affairs
Date Guest Title
11/18/1980 Koch, Edward I. On Politics, Part II
10/28/1980 Decter, Midge The People’s Voice and the Politicians’ Perception of the People’s Voice
07/24/1980 Gotbaum, Victor American Unionism
06/12/1980 Fontana, Vincent Child Abuse
02/19/1980 Marks, Paul The Dangers of Nuclear Energy
02/12/1980 Koch, Edward I. Urban Leadership
01/22/1980 Bolz, Frank Hostages
12/18/1979 Luce, Charles Power!
10/16/1979 Witkin, Richard Air Safety
09/14/1979 Podhoretz, Norman Norman Podhoretz on Public Affairs
03/30/1978 Witkin, Richard Airline Safety
10/11/1977 Abram, Morris The Bakke Case
09/06/1977 Keniston, Kenneth The American Child — Deprived
06/10/1977 Badillo, Herman Running for Mayor
06/05/1977 Baun, Arne Terrorism, Hostage-Taking, and the Police
05/03/1977 Friedman, Milton A Nobel Laureate on the American Economy
04/24/1977 Bolz, Frank Hostages
12/07/1975 Friedman, Milton Living Within Our Means
05/04/1975 Volner, Jill Wine The Woman at Watergate
06/09/1974 Freeman, S. David Oil, Energy, and the Public Interest
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