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Date Guest Title
10/03/1982 Pepper, Claude FTED: Rep. Claude Pepper
09/26/1982 East, Senator John P. FTED: The New Right Social Agenda
08/11/1982 Burns, James MacGregor The Art of Public Speaking
05/23/1982 Editor's Rountable FTED: Editor’s Rountable IV
04/18/1982 Takacs, Amb. Esteban FTED: The Falklands, Part II
04/07/1982 Sterling, Claire An Update on “The Terror Network”
03/21/1982 Hollings, Ernest F. FTED: Democrat’s Budget Alternatives
02/25/1982 Burns, James MacGregor The ‘Third Cadre’ : A Grassroots Salvation for America?
02/05/1982 Lear, Norman What’s Wrong with The Moral Majority
01/31/1982 Glenn, John FTED: State of the Union
01/24/1982 Bell, Terrel H. FTED: Federal Role in Education
01/17/1982 FTED: Editors’ Roundtable
12/27/1981 Duberman, Martin The Gay Rights Movement and the ‘Moral Majority’
12/06/1981 Flemming, Arthur FTED: White House Conference on Aging-Civil Rights
11/08/1981 Sprinkel, Beryl FTED: Monetarism and Reagonomics
11/01/1981 Cranston, Allan FTED: Senate AWACS Vote Aftermanth
10/18/1981 Domenici, Sen. Pete FTED: Senator Pete Domenici
10/11/1981 Brzezinski, Zbigniew FTED: The Mideast After Sadat
10/04/1981 Weidenbaum, Murray FTED: Reagan Economic Program
04/21/1981 Viguerie, Richard The New Right, Part I
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