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Date Guest Title
12/28/1983 Gilinsky, Victor Fear, Safety, and Nuclear Power
12/14/1983 Hafez, Abdulluh FTED: The Reagan Administration and Egypt
10/30/1983 Pendleton, Clarence FTED: The New Civil Rights Commission
09/29/1983 Rosenblatt, Roger The Children of War
09/22/1983 Viguerie, Richard The Establishment vs. the People
08/04/1983 Cuomo, Mario Doing for Others What Has Been Done For Us
06/26/1983 Hooks, Benjamin FTED: We Shall Overcome
05/29/1983 Thurow, Lester FTED: A New Industrial Policy
05/15/1983 Dodd, Senator Christopher FTED: Salvadorean Solutions
05/08/1983 Hehir, Father J. Bryan FTED: Bishops on the Brink
04/17/1983 Gray, William H FTED: Budget Battles
04/08/1983 Witkin, Richard The Air Controller’s Strike and Airline Safety
03/27/1983 Jones, General David C. FTED: President Reagan’s New Defense Strategy, Part I
03/20/1983 Aspin, Rep. Les FTED: Defense
03/13/1983 Schlesinger, James R. FTED: Energy
03/04/1983 Rudin, Lewis The Never-Ending Problem: Finding Housing in New York
02/27/1983 Lugar, Senator Richard FTED: Senate Republicans in ’84
12/19/1982 Gumbleton, Bishop Thomas J. FTED: Bombs and Bishops
11/05/1982 Koch, Edward I. To Be a Politician … and Lose! Part I
11/05/1982 Koch, Edward I. To Be a Politician … and Lose! Part II
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