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Date Guest Title
09/28/1984 Hartman, Amb. Arthur A. FTED: Gromyko Meets the Presidential Candidates
08/23/1984 Gotbaum, Victor FTED: Is There Strength in Unionism?
08/22/1984 Roper, Burns Measuring and Making Public Opinion
08/07/1984 Elliot, John Madison Avenue and the Ethics of Politics
06/27/1984 Rusher, William The Rise of the Right
06/08/1984 Strauss, Robert FTED: Can the Democrats Get Their Act Together?
04/11/1984 Viguerie, Richard Re-electing Reagan
03/08/1984 Kimball, Penn The File and McCarthyism: A Personal Odyssey
02/09/1984 White, Robert FTED: Death Squads
02/08/1984 Koch, Edward I. Mayor Koch on “Mayor,” Part I
02/01/1984 Gingrich, Rep. Newton FTED: The Conservative Opportunity Society
01/26/1984 Keyworth, George A. FTED: Star Wars
01/25/1984 Sterling, Claire Left to Center … A Reporter’s Intellectual Odyssey
12/28/1983 Moynihan, Daniel FTED: Terrorism
12/28/1983 Gilinsky, Victor Fear, Safety, and Nuclear Power
12/14/1983 Hafez, Abdulluh FTED: The Reagan Administration and Egypt
10/30/1983 Pendleton, Clarence FTED: The New Civil Rights Commission
09/29/1983 Rosenblatt, Roger The Children of War
09/22/1983 Viguerie, Richard The Establishment vs. the People
08/04/1983 Cuomo, Mario Doing for Others What Has Been Done For Us
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