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Date Guest Title
01/17/2015 Bradley, Bill Our Political Future
12/27/2014 Rigueur, Leah Wright The Black Republicans
12/20/2014 Katz, James A Social Media President?
11/22/2014 Navai, Ramita Truth from Tehran to America
11/15/2014 Dinkins, David A Mayor and His City
11/01/2014 Lowery, Wesley Congress… and Its Discontents
10/25/2014 Rein, Shaun The End of Copycat China
09/20/2014 Rieckhoff, Paul A Patriot’s Patriot
09/13/2014 Herman, Susan Freedom from Religion
08/02/2014 Gordon-Reed, Annette History’s Double Standard
06/28/2014 Thurston, Baratunde Cultivating Wit
04/19/2014 Heffner, Richard D. In Memoriam: Richard D. Heffner 1925 – 2013
12/28/2013 Blumenthal, Dr. David An Intimate Perspective on Obamacare
12/21/2013 Blumenthal, Dr. David The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office
10/19/2013 Navasky, Victor The Art of Controversy
10/12/2013 Goodale, James C. Fighting for the Press
07/27/2013 Dunn, Susan The Election of 1940 – FDR, Willkie, Lindbergh and Hitler
05/25/2013 Keller, Bill Bill Keller, Man for all Times (Part II)
05/18/2013 Keller, Bill Bill Keller, Man for all Times (Part I)
05/11/2013 Brill, Steven Steven Brill on the American Medical Marketplace
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