Host: Media and the Press
Date Guest Title
03/09/1993 Salant, Richard S. More Views on the News: Richard S. Salant
11/13/1992 Hewitt, Don 60 Minutes … With Don Hewitt, Part I
11/13/1992 Hewitt, Don 60 Minutes … With Don Hewitt, Part II
07/15/1992 MacArthur, John R. The Press, Propaganda, And Censorship
06/11/1992 McCullough, David The Past as an Act of Faith … In Print and On The Air
01/15/1992 Blume, Judy Judy Blume … and Our Children’s Freedom to Read
11/02/1991 Boccardi, Lou The Press, Politics, and Power
09/21/1991 Rosenblatt, Roger Critical Distance … Between the Critic and the Criticized
09/13/1991 Cooney, Joan Ganz Children and Television … with Joan Ganz Cooney
09/04/1991 Auletta, Ken Three Blind Mice … How the TV Networks Lost Their Way
09/04/1991 Frank, Reuven Television News … A Critique
06/08/1991 Wachtler, Sol Fair Trial / Free Press … Which Comes First?
04/29/1991 Garment, Suzanne The Politics of Scandal
03/10/1991 Abrams, Floyd Free Press/Responsible Press: From the Pentagon Papers to the Gulf War
02/10/1991 Goodson, Mark Taking A Stand … In Time?
12/08/1990 Postman, Neil Neil Postman: Informing Ourselves to Death
10/14/1990 Dershowitz, Alan Free Press, Fair Press
07/29/1990 Kellerman, Donald S. The Press and the People
06/30/1990 Meyer, Karl E. Once Again … The Power of the Press
05/19/1990 Pittman, Robert The Logic of Print vs. The New Grammar of Imagery
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