Host: Media and the Press
Date Guest Title
05/03/1984 Abrams, Floyd The Press’ Need for Self-Criticism
02/07/1984 Valenti, Jack FTED: The Video Tape Ruling
01/12/1984 Rosenblatt, Roger Responsibility of Contemporary Journalists
09/16/1983 Goodman, Walter (no title listed)
07/21/1983 Rosenblatt, Roger The Journalist as Historian
05/27/1983 Salant, Richard S. Views on the News: Richard S. Salant
08/20/1982 Gruson, Sydney The Press
08/11/1982 Burns, James MacGregor Selling Political Ideas in Soundbites: Does it Demean the Political System?
07/09/1982 O'Neill, Michael J. Media: Power and Responsibility
04/06/1982 Bartley, Robert L. Nuclear Freeze Hype
11/19/1981 Lewis, Anthony Privacy and the Press
06/19/1981 Isaacs, Norman National News Council
06/12/1981 Elliott, Osborn A Journalist Critiques Journalism
05/14/1981 Brown, Les Public Television
09/23/1980 Safire, William Politics and the Press, Part II
06/12/1980 Schmertz, Herbert Death of a Princess
05/15/1980 Ledeen, Michael Politics and Press Leaks
03/17/1980 Mannes, Marya Nostalgia TV and TV Criticism
12/18/1979 Wachtler, Sol More on the Free Press, Fair Trial Debate
06/01/1979 Schiller, Herbert I. Freedom of the Press or ‘Cultural Imperialism’
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