Host: Media and the Press
Date Guest Title
03/15/1986 Cooney, Joan Ganz Do We Care for Our Children?
01/18/1986 Postman, Neil Are We Amusing Ourselves to Death? Part II
01/03/1986 MacNeil, Robert What Shapes Who Shapes What We Know
12/14/1985 Postman, Neil Are We Amusing Ourselves to Death? Part I
11/23/1985 Downey, Peter What Lies Ahead for Public TV?
10/05/1985 Goldstein, Tom The Cost of ‘The News’ … At Any Cost
08/07/1985 Champlin, Charles Of Books and Films: A Critic’s View
06/22/1985 Iselin, John Jay More About Public Television
06/15/1985 Corry, John Broadcaster as Patriot
06/01/1985 Breitenfeld, Frederick How to Support Public TV
05/04/1985 Chamberlin, Ward Who Pays for Public TV
03/30/1985 Brown, Les How Public Is Public Television?
10/13/1984 Sidle, Winant The Media and the Military
10/12/1984 Sidle, Gen. Winant FTED: Military-Media Relations
09/29/1984 Wallace, Mike 30 Minutes with Mike Wallace
08/02/1984 Fore, William F. Balance and Freedom in the News
08/02/1984 Boccardi, Lou Balance and Freedom in the News
07/20/1984 Irvine, Reid at the Press
07/18/1984 O'Neill, Michael J. Fact & Fiction = Faction
06/11/1984 Boccardi, Lou About Journalism
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