Host: Media and the Press
Date Guest Title
02/21/2015 Needham, Col The Movie Database
01/10/2015 Taylor, Astra A People’s Platform
01/03/2015 Minow, Newton Vast Common Good
12/20/2014 Katz, James A Social Media President?
11/08/2014 Baker, Mitchell Our Digital Future
10/11/2014 Gardner, Sue Reflections of a Wikimaniac, Part II
10/04/2014 Gardner, Sue Reflections of a Wikimaniac
07/26/2014 Deggans, Eric Race & The Fourth Estate
07/12/2014 Lowery, Wesley A Reporter’s Notebook
07/05/2014 Keller, Bill The Marshall Project
06/28/2014 Thurston, Baratunde Cultivating Wit
06/21/2014 Palfrey, John Digital Natives

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