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Date Guest Title
09/09/1980 Silk, Leonard The American Establishment
01/17/1980 Fitzgerald, Frances America Revised
12/04/1979 Tuchman, Barbara A Distant Mirror The 14th Century and Today
06/18/1979 Lasch, Christopher American Life and Diminishing Expectations
01/14/1979 Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. The Kennedys
04/28/1978 Thomas, Lewis The Lives of a Cell
03/07/1976 Brown, David Autobiography
02/01/1976 Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Taking a Stand for American Beliefs
01/04/1976 Fromme, Allan The American Bicentennial
04/12/1959 Harriman, Averell The Roosevelt We Knew
08/31/1958 Anis, Ibrahim The Fate of Western Values
06/15/1958 Galbraith, John Kenneth The Affluent Society
06/01/1958 Frankel, Charles Concept of Freedom
04/20/1958 Dodson, Dan Harlem, New York City
03/23/1958 Ciardi, John America and the Uncommon Man
12/29/1957 Lerner, Max America’s Image Of Itself
12/01/1957 Lerner, Max The Intellectual and Mass Culture in American Life
07/07/1957 Cousins, Norman The Meaning of Freedom, America 1957
01/01/1955 Allen, Fred Man of the Year 1935- Will Rogers
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