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Date Guest Title
12/15/1984 Bateson, Mary Catherine With A Daughter’s Eye
11/10/1984 Howard, Jane Margaret Mead: A Life
05/10/1984 Cuomo, Mario The Diaries of A Public Man
03/21/1984 Cherne, Leo America’s Reluctant Optimist
02/18/1984 Wicker, Tom The Civil War
02/08/1984 Koch, Edward I. Ed Koch on the 1984 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Part II
11/23/1983 Lorch, Jonathan Living with the Threat of Nuclear Holocaust
07/26/1983 McGuire, Robert An Update on Crime, Safety, and Moral Decline
12/24/1982 Greider, William The Education of David Stockman
09/17/1982 Reinisch, June Sex In America
06/15/1982 Dawidowicz, Lucy The Holocaust and The Historian
05/26/1982 Gaylin, Willard The Killing of Bonnie Garland
03/18/1982 Fore, William F. Does the Free Flow of Ideas Result in Cultural Imperialism?
03/04/1982 Davis, Peter American Values
11/06/1981 McGuire, Robert Crime, Safety, and Moral Decline
09/08/1981 Erdman, Paul Last Days of America
07/10/1981 Lynes, Russell Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lowest Class
12/02/1980 Navasky, Victor Naming Names, Part II
11/25/1980 Navasky, Victor Naming Names, Part I
11/04/1980 Steel, Ronald Walter Lippmann
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