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Date Guest Title
01/13/1990 Price, Monroe AIDS, The ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ … And Human Survival
04/30/1988 Kolodny, Robert AIDS in the Age of Sex
04/30/1988 Bateson, Mary Catherine AIDS – A Metaphor for American Society
11/08/1987 Leder, Philip Making Ourselves Over
02/21/1987 Michels, Robert The Ethics of Modern Medicine
09/20/1986 Krim, Mathilde AIDS
06/21/1986 Rosenfeld, Isadore Rx: An Ounce of Prevention
09/21/1985 Goodfield, June The Politics of Disease
09/15/1985 Berger, Stuart M. We Are What We Eat
02/23/1985 Krim, Mathilde AIDS … A Modern Plague
01/19/1985 Perrow, Charles Normal Accidents
09/29/1984 Efron, Edith Cancer and the Environment
08/01/1984 Coles, Robert S. To See or Not to See
10/06/1983 Rosenfeld, Isadore Health Matters
03/29/1983 Rosenfeld, Isadore Health Matters
02/15/1982 Marks, Paul Hospitals and Health
12/22/1981 Rosenfeld, Isadore Health Matters
09/08/1981 Brody, Jane Stress
07/30/1981 Rosenfeld, Isadore Health Matters, Part II
07/30/1981 Rosenfeld, Isadore Health Matters, Part I
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