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Date Guest Title
02/14/2015 Frist, Bill The Doctor’s Orders
02/15/2014 Meier, Diane Bringing palliative care into mainstream American medicine, Part II
11/09/2013 Pardes, Herbert More about the Future of American Medicine
05/11/2013 Brill, Steven Steven Brill on the American Medical Marketplace
04/06/2013 Heffner, Dr. Elaine goodenoughmothering: The Best of the Blog
02/02/2013 Pardes, Herbert The Future of American Medicine
01/26/2013 Wiesel, Elie “Open Heart” by Elie Wiesel
01/19/2013 Chen, Pauline Doctor and Patient
01/12/2013 Chen, Pauline FINAL EXAM, A Surgeon’s Reflections on Mortality
12/29/2012 Bach, Peter B. Does the Doctor Know Best?
12/15/2012 Rowe, John Successful Aging
11/10/2012 Westheimer, Ruth A Guide for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver
11/03/2012 Westheimer, Ruth An Extraordinary Woman
10/06/2012 Davis, Karen Americans’ Health Care – Seen With 20/20 Vision, Part II
09/29/2012 Davis, Karen Americans’ Health Care – Seen with 20/20 Vision
08/04/2012 Gruman, Jessie The Lemon of Illness and the Demand for Lemonade
05/26/2012 Brody, Jane Living Better and Longer Thanks to Jane Brody
04/28/2012 Bach, Peter Do We “Waste” Money on Terminal Patients? (Part II)
04/21/2012 Bach, Peter Do We “Waste” Money on Terminal Patients?
08/27/2011 Cohen, Richard Doctors in America: “Professionals” or “Providers”
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