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Date Guest Title
12/01/1983 McGuire, Robert FTED: Is There Justice in Criminal Justice?
10/30/1983 Pendleton, Clarence FTED: The New Civil Rights Commission
08/12/1983 Greenspan, Alan Regulating the Economy
06/26/1983 Hooks, Benjamin FTED: We Shall Overcome
05/22/1983 Wick, Chalres Z. FTED: Substance
04/21/1983 Wall, James Reagan and Religious Rhetoric
04/17/1983 Gray, William H FTED: Budget Battles
03/27/1983 Jones, General David C. FTED: President Reagan’s New Defense Strategy, Part I
03/20/1983 Aspin, Rep. Les FTED: Defense
02/27/1983 Lugar, Senator Richard FTED: Senate Republicans in ’84
02/13/1983 Kissinger, Dr. Henry FTED: Haig and Kissinger
10/17/1982 Ture, Norman B. FTED: Did the Supply-side Tax Cuts Work?
10/10/1982 Al-Kasim, Marwan FTED: Prospects for Peace-Jordan’s Role
10/03/1982 Pepper, Claude FTED: Rep. Claude Pepper
08/08/1982 Baldrige, Malcolm T FTED: Taxes and Commerce
05/28/1982 Sandler, Leonard Rules for Judges
05/23/1982 Editor's Rountable FTED: Editor’s Rountable IV
05/16/1982 Snelling, Richard FTED: Whither the New Federalism
04/18/1982 Takacs, Amb. Esteban FTED: The Falklands, Part II
03/21/1982 Hollings, Ernest F. FTED: Democrat’s Budget Alternatives
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