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09/28/1984 Hartman, Amb. Arthur A. FTED: Gromyko Meets the Presidential Candidates
08/09/1984 Lewis, Flora A View From Abroad
06/06/1984 Pertshuk, Michael The Art of Regulating Trade
05/17/1984 Denton, Jeremiah FTED: Terrorism: Is the US Vulneral at Home as Wall as Aborad?
05/11/1984 Palmer, Mark FTED: Are the Soviets Good Sports? Boycotting the Olympics
02/09/1984 White, Robert FTED: Death Squads
12/14/1983 Hafez, Abdulluh FTED: The Reagan Administration and Egypt
12/07/1983 Helms, Richard Gathering Intelligence
09/24/1983 Cousins, Norman World Peace, Part I
09/24/1983 Cousins, Norman World Peace, Part II
03/27/1983 Jones, General David C. FTED: President Reagan’s New Defense Strategy, Part I
02/25/1983 Thomas, Lewis The Possibility of Nuclear Holocaust
02/13/1983 Kissinger, Dr. Henry FTED: Haig and Kissinger
11/06/1982 Watson, Thomas J., Jr. The Soviet Union – An Ambassador’s View
10/22/1982 Urqhart, Brian Peace, War, and the United Nations
10/10/1982 Al-Kasim, Marwan FTED: Prospects for Peace-Jordan’s Role
06/27/1982 Tueni, Amb Ghassan FTED: War in Lebanon, Part III
06/13/1982 Terzi, Zehdi Labib FTED: War in Lebanon, Part I
04/18/1982 Takacs, Amb. Esteban FTED: The Falklands, Part II
03/06/1982 Podhoretz, Norman Why We Were in Vietnam
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