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Date Guest Title
06/16/1994 Sterling, Claire Our Thieves’ World, Part I
06/16/1994 Sterling, Claire Our Thieves’ World, Part II
09/22/1993 Merritt, Jane Hamilton Rewarding Our Friends and Punishing Our Enemies
05/28/1993 Wiesel, Elie Nationalism, Ethnicity … And World Peace?
05/28/1993 Hinata, Seigi Japan and America: Who Is Bashing Whom And Why?
11/25/1990 Pipes, Richard Russia, The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same
11/11/1990 Grunwald, Henry Journalism and Diplomacy … Both Sides Now
10/27/1990 Grunwald, Henry The American Century … ?
11/04/1989 Meyers, Robert J. What’s ‘Right’ and What’s ‘Wrong’ in World Affairs … And Who Cares?
09/25/1988 Mickiewicz, Ellen The Medium and the Message: Soviet Style
09/24/1988 Ledeen, Michael An Insiders Account of the Iran-Contra Affair
11/22/1987 Rosenblatt, Roger A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union
09/12/1987 Ledeen, Michael Irangate: The Larger Issues
01/18/1987 Laber, Jeri The Limits of Glasnost
11/16/1986 Haide, Ma (George Hatem) Rx for the World’s Most Populous Nation
05/04/1986 Goodson, Roy FTED: Disinformation and the Soviet Union
09/20/1985 Greenspan, Alan FTED: Protecting American Interests: Trade and Tariffs
06/22/1985 Bernstein, Robert L. Books and Ideas: The U.S. and the U.S.S.R.
03/08/1985 Lugar, Senator Richard FTED: From Nicaragua to Arms Control
02/09/1985 Podhoretz, Norman Reagan and Soviet Appeasement
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