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Date Guest Title
06/29/1985 Brademas, John Politics and Education: The Arts of the Possible, Part II
05/04/1985 Abrams, Floyd Protest on Campus: What is Permissible?
09/29/1983 Rosenblatt, Roger The Children of War
06/10/1983 Vasquez, Frances Frances Vasquez
12/10/1982 Hechinger, Fred Education
04/09/1982 Levine, Alan Censorship and School Libraries
01/24/1982 Bell, Terrel H. FTED: Federal Role in Education
09/15/1981 Brademas, John A Congressman Looks at Education
10/09/1979 Miller, Neal Visceral Learning
05/06/1979 Gouldner, Alvin The Future of Intellectuals and The Rise of The New Class
09/06/1977 Keniston, Kenneth The American Child — Deprived
04/04/1976 Cremin, Lawrence A. Does Going to School ‘Interrupt’ a Child’s Education?
06/20/1974 Barr, Donald American Values and the College Generation
03/14/1963 Rubin, Max Of Men and Ideas: Education Matters
02/07/1963 Gallagher, Buell Of Men and Ideas: Academics, Politics, & Faith – A Convergence
11/29/1962 Ackerman, Nathan Of Men And Ideas: Children and the Threat of Nuclear War
11/29/1962 Ackerman, Nathan Of Men And Ideas:Children and the Threat of Nuclear War
11/15/1962 Fischer, John H. Of Men and Ideas: Traditionalism and Progressivism in American Education
03/15/1959 Biber, Barbara The Meaning of the Child in American Life
03/01/1959 Benton, William Little Red Schoolhouse
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