Host: Crime and Violence
Date Guest Title
10/02/1996 Levine, Madeline Children and Media Violence
08/06/1996 Levine, Madeline Viewing Violence
01/28/1994 Gerbner, George George Gerbner on Media Violence, Part II
01/11/1994 Gerbner, George George Gerbner on Media Violence, Part I
07/07/1993 Kelly, Raymond W. To Be A Cop …
05/05/1990 Brown, Lee Policing America
12/10/1988 Shapiro, Theodore Violence in Our Families
10/26/1986 MacKinnon, Catharine Men, Women, And Violence
03/30/1985 Conboy, Kenneth The Police and Deadly Force
03/29/1984 Lindahl, Judith FTED: Rape and the Courtroom: The Victim on Trial
02/09/1984 White, Robert FTED: Death Squads
12/28/1983 Moynihan, Daniel FTED: Terrorism
12/01/1983 McGuire, Robert FTED: Is There Justice in Criminal Justice?
09/29/1983 Rosenblatt, Roger The Children of War
10/02/1981 Rudin, Lewis Crime and Personal Safety
07/08/1980 Bolz, Frank To Be A Cop
06/12/1980 Fontana, Vincent Child Abuse
01/29/1980 Brown, David Police Brutality
02/02/1975 Masini, Hugh Law and Order–A Public View
11/29/1962 Ackerman, Nathan Of Men And Ideas:Children and the Threat of Nuclear War
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