Host: Human and Civil Rights
Date Guest Title
07/08/1983 Hooks, Benjamin The Politics of Civil Rights
06/26/1983 Hooks, Benjamin FTED: We Shall Overcome
10/29/1982 Clark, Kenneth B. Kenneth Clark and Brown v. Board of Education
10/10/1982 Al-Kasim, Marwan FTED: Prospects for Peace-Jordan’s Role
12/06/1981 Flemming, Arthur FTED: White House Conference on Aging-Civil Rights
06/13/1976 Wall, James Racism
02/22/1959 Engel, Irving M. Civil Rights Progress
02/17/1957 Engel, Irving Engel, Wilkins, LaFarge
02/10/1957 King, Martin Luther, Jr. The New Negro – 1957 MLK Interview
11/17/1956 Drew, Cornelius Can We Unlearn Prejudice?
06/16/1956 Illych, Ivan The Nature of Prejudice
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