Host: Human and Civil Rights
Date Guest Title
09/08/2004 Wiesel, Elie Anti-Semitism … “the worlds most durable ideology”
05/22/2001 McWhorter, Diane Bombingham … Revisited
01/20/1995 Price, Hugh Racism, Separatism … And Economic Siege
10/29/1993 Eng, Phoebe Asian Americans: A Model Minority
11/13/1992 Farmer, James OPEN MIND Special: Race Relations in Crisis 6/12/63 – 11/13/92
11/13/1992 Farmer, James James Farmer and the Civil Rights Revolution
06/11/1992 Bell, Derrick The Permanence of Racism
03/20/1992 Hacker, Andrew Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal
11/30/1991 Carter, Stephen L. Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby
12/16/1990 Abrams, Floyd Again, Rights in Conflict
01/10/1988 Mason, C. Vernon Black on Black
09/27/1987 Clark, Kenneth B. Equality and Justice for All
06/20/1987 Brown, Tony The Color of Freedom Is Green
06/15/1985 Williams, Franklin H. Apartheid: What to Do?
08/23/1984 Gotbaum, Victor FTED: Is There Strength in Unionism?
08/08/1984 Greenberg, Jack Black and White: Equality and the Law
02/09/1984 White, Robert FTED: Death Squads
01/12/1984 Chavez, Linda FTED: How Far to the Right for the New Civil Rights Commission?
10/30/1983 Pendleton, Clarence FTED: The New Civil Rights Commission
08/16/1983 Abram, Morris Equal Versus Compensatory Opportunity
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