Host: Human and Civil Rights
Date Guest Title
09/13/2014 Herman, Susan Freedom from Religion
09/06/2014 Blacc, Aloe The Soul Man
10/05/2013 Abram, Floyd Floyd Abrams, “Friend Of The Court”
04/27/2013 Wicker, Tom In Memoriam: Tom Wicker, 1926 – 2011
04/20/2013 Povich, Lynn The Good Girls Revolt
05/05/2012 Tirman, John The Deaths of Others
01/28/2012 Rothstein, Edward A Critic at Large, Part II
11/26/2011 Cuomo, Mario Mario Cuomo on the Death Penalty… and More
11/19/2011 vanden Heuvel, William Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Four Freedoms
04/16/2011 Garland, David Peculiar Institution: America’s Death Penalty in an Age of Abolition
01/20/2011 Foner, Eric The Great Emancipator
09/14/2010 Forster, Arnold In Memoriam: Arnold Forster 1912 – 2010
05/08/2010 Aber, Lawrence Children, Political Power and Poverty
12/26/2009 Wiesel, Elie Whoever Knew Truth Put to the Worse in a Free and Open Encounter?
07/21/2008 Watterson, Yvonne Undocumented Dreams
04/07/2008 Wiesel, Elie A Conversation with Elie Wiesel
06/18/2007 Wiesel, Elie The World’s Most Durable Ideology
06/03/2005 Price, Hugh Needed – A New Social Contract
06/03/2005 Webber, Thomas A White Kid Growing Up in Black and Brown Spanish Harlem
01/11/2005 Evans, Eli On Being “the Other”…
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