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Date Guest Title
06/14/1987 Rohrlich, Jay B. Wall Street on the Couch
02/21/1987 LeFrak, Samuel A Modern Gospel of Wealth
02/07/1987 Fraser, Douglas Is America Working?
11/16/1986 Gyllenhammer, Pehr Reworking the Workplace
10/12/1986 Kohn, Alfie The Case Against Competition
06/21/1986 Korn, Lester Managing America
06/14/1986 Finn, David The Business of America
06/13/1986 Kaufman, Henry FTED: Henry Kaufman / Wall Street
06/12/1986 Greenspan, Alan FTED: Money
09/21/1985 Curtis, Charlotte But Rich Is Better
09/20/1985 Greenspan, Alan FTED: Protecting American Interests: Trade and Tariffs
04/14/1985 Greenspan, Alan FTED: Pocketbook Implications with Alan Greenspan
03/09/1985 Korn, Lester The Business of America
11/10/1984 Grace, J. Peter Waste Not, Want Not
08/16/1984 O'Toole, John An Adman Looks at Advertising
05/17/1984 Smith, Roger Another View of the Business of America
10/13/1983 Korn, Lester American Business
07/21/1983 Korn, Lester The Future of Corporate Governance
05/29/1983 Thurow, Lester FTED: A New Industrial Policy
11/11/1982 Fraser, Douglas Labor In America
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