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Date Guest Title
02/21/2015 Needham, Col The Movie Database
01/24/2015 Chang, Lan Samantha A Writer’s Workshop
08/24/2013 Stone, Oliver History as “An act of faith” or as “Bunk,” Part II
08/17/2013 Stone, Oliver History as “An act of faith” or as “Bunk,” Part I
06/22/2013 Friedman, Richard A Does media violence contribute to real life violence?
11/17/2012 Levy, Reynold Lincoln Center’s Mr. President
10/13/2012 vanden Heuvel, William Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park
01/21/2012 Rothstein, Edward A Critic at Large, Part I
12/31/2011 Rooney, Andy In Memoriam… Andy Rooney 1919-2011
09/24/2011 Salamon, Julie Julie Salamon and the Uncommon Life of Wendy Wasserstein
04/23/2011 Levine, Michael Growing up Digital… Good for the Kids, or Bad?
01/04/2011 Korda, Michael HERO – Lawrence of Arabia, Part I
09/22/2010 Brown, David In Memoriam: David Brown 1916-2010
06/26/2010 Botstein, Leon Leon Botstein… the Bard at Bard
11/07/2009 Cooney, Joan Ganz Sesame Street: The Show that Counts
04/14/2009 Winner, Ellen Art for OUR Sake
05/01/2007 Gelb, Peter Our Crossover Culture: From Where to Where?
01/22/2007 Alda, Alan Alan Alda … on Celebrity and Its Discontents
11/09/2006 Gabler, Neal Walt Disney: The Triumph of American Imagination
07/06/2006 Brown, David David Brown’s “Guide to the Good Life”
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