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Date Guest Title
09/19/1983 Weitz, John A Psychology of Fashion
12/31/1982 Kline, Nathan Alcoholism
10/03/1982 Pepper, Claude FTED: Rep. Claude Pepper
09/22/1982 Chapman, Carlton A Critic’s View of Medical Education
02/19/1982 Rohrlich, Jay B. The Nature of Love
12/20/1981 Sheehy, Gail Pathfinders
05/15/1981 Fromme, Allan Normal Neurotics
10/07/1980 Rohrlich, Jay B. Work and Love
09/09/1980 Brim, Orville (Gilbert), Jr. Constancy & Change in Human Development
03/17/1980 Erhard, Werner EST
01/29/1980 Kline, Nathan From Sad toggled: Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse
01/22/1980 Erhard, Werner EST and the National Obsession with Self-Improvement
12/26/1978 Gaylin, Willard Feelings
08/07/1978 Kline, Nathan The Worried Well
06/30/1978 Kline, Nathan Treating Mental Illness with Drugs and/or Therapy
06/25/1975 Michels, Robert American Medicine
01/05/1975 Casriel, Daniel, Psychology Today
07/14/1974 Frankel, Charles The Limits of Human Freedom
01/10/1963 Rusk, Howard Of Men and Ideas: Rehabilitation
04/05/1959 Lerner, Max On Shame and the Search for Identity
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