Host: Medicine and Health
Date Guest Title
01/22/1989 Newman, Robert G. The Poverty of Riches: Medical Care in America
01/07/1989 Bar Levav, Reuven Fear Is the Spur
10/15/1988 Williams, Mark What It Means to Grow Old in America
10/09/1988 Michels, Robert Your Doctor … Your Privacy
10/09/1988 Michels, Robert Do No Harm
09/11/1988 Dole, Vincent Addiction: A Medical Rather Than A Moral Issue
04/03/1988 Gay, Peter Freud, Part I
04/03/1988 Gay, Peter Freud, Part II
03/20/1988 Person, Ethel The Power of Love
09/13/1987 Brown, David The Graying of America
05/23/1987 Wilson, John Prevention: Avoiding Disability
10/26/1986 Berglas, Steven When Success Fails
09/13/1986 Gaylin, Willard Love Is …
12/06/1985 Laing, R.D. Wisdom, Madness, and Folly
11/23/1985 Thomas, Franklin Human Decency … What Does it Cost?
03/09/1985 Katz, Jay Doctors and Patients: The Value of Truth
03/10/1984 Fromme, Allan Psychology on the Air
02/18/1984 Fromme, Allan Living After Sixty
01/26/1984 Bracknell, Louise Hospice Care
12/21/1983 Peck, M. Scott People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil
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