Date Guest Title Topic
03/09/1993 Wiesel, Elie Am I My Brother’s Keeper? History
07/15/1992 Wiesel, Elie Elie Wiesel … The Mystic Chords of Memory History
09/03/1991 Wiesel, Elie Elie Wiesel … On Upheaval and Hate History
09/24/1989 Wiesel, Elie Whatever We Do Must Be Measured in Moral Terms, (Capital Punishment) Ethics
09/24/1989 Wiesel, Elie The Anatomy of Hate Medicine and Health
06/19/1988 Wiesel, Elie Nobel Laureates … and the Future Science and Technology
09/27/1987 Wiesel, Elie Moral Responses to Worldly Issues Ethics
03/01/1987 Wiesel, Elie Elie Wiesel … Beyond the Holocaust History
03/07/1986 Wiesel, Elie Whatever We Do Must Be Measured in Moral Terms Ethics
08/07/1985 Wiesel, Elie Elie Wiesel on the Nature of Human Nature History
09/04/2008 Wilentz, Sean The Age of Reagan History
09/04/2008 Wilentz, Sean History as “an act of faith” History
06/15/1985 Williams, Franklin H. Apartheid: What to Do? Human and Civil Rights
10/15/1988 Williams, Mark What It Means to Grow Old in America Medicine and Health
05/23/1987 Wilson, John Prevention: Avoiding Disability Medicine and Health
04/14/2009 Winner, Ellen Art for OUR Sake Arts, Culture and Entertainment Education
04/08/1983 Witkin, Richard The Air Controller’s Strike and Airline Safety Politics and Public Affairs
10/16/1979 Witkin, Richard Air Safety Politics and Public Affairs
03/30/1978 Witkin, Richard Airline Safety Politics and Public Affairs
03/10/1991 Wolf, Naomi Beauty: A New Trap for Women? Gender and Feminism
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