Date Guest Title Topic
12/29/2012 Bach, Peter B. Does the Doctor Know Best? Health
04/28/2012 Bach, Peter Do We “Waste” Money on Terminal Patients? (Part II) Health
04/21/2012 Bach, Peter Do We “Waste” Money on Terminal Patients? Health
12/06/2007 Axinn, Stephen M. Legislative Intent vs. Executive Inaction Government
09/27/2010 Aumente, Jerome Media Matters Media and the Press
10/08/1997 Auletta, Ken Publish and Perish Education
07/07/1993 Auletta, Ken Ken Auletta on Loathing the Media Media and the Press
07/07/1993 Auletta, Ken Ken Auletta on Communications Futures Media and the Press
09/04/1991 Auletta, Ken Three Blind Mice … How the TV Networks Lost Their Way Media and the Press
03/20/1983 Aspin, Rep. Les FTED: Defense Government Politics and Public Affairs
06/19/1988 Asimov, Isaac Asimov at 391 History
02/15/1959 Arnold, Thurman Government by Commission Government
03/22/1959 Arkhurst, Frederick Africa: Challenge to the Future Foreign Affairs
08/31/1958 Anis, Ibrahim The Fate of Western Values History
11/16/2013 Angelson, Mark Saving Lives, Saving Knowledge Education Media and the Press
11/07/2005 Alpern, Robert J. American Doctors and Their Education Medicine and Health
04/04/1987 Allen, Steve Funny is as Funny Does Arts, Culture and Entertainment
01/01/1955 Allen, Fred Man of the Year 1935- Will Rogers History
07/27/1958 Ali, Mohammed World Peace Foreign Affairs
07/27/1958 Ali, Mohammed War, Peace, and National Sovereignty Foreign Affairs
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