Date Guest Title Topic
09/07/2013 Wiesel, Elie FDR and the Jews Books and Publishing Foreign Affairs History
01/26/2013 Wiesel, Elie “Open Heart” by Elie Wiesel Books and Publishing Health Medicine and Health
12/26/2009 Wiesel, Elie Whoever Knew Truth Put to the Worse in a Free and Open Encounter? History Human and Civil Rights Politics and Public Affairs
04/07/2008 Wiesel, Elie A Conversation with Elie Wiesel Human and Civil Rights
06/18/2007 Wiesel, Elie The World’s Most Durable Ideology Human and Civil Rights
09/08/2004 Wiesel, Elie Anti-Semitism … “the worlds most durable ideology” Human and Civil Rights
06/26/2002 Wiesel, Elie Anti-Semitism Redux History
10/26/2001 Wiesel, Elie Conversations with Elie Wiesel History
05/26/1999 Wiesel, Elie Must the Past Be Prologue? History
11/17/1998 Wiesel, Elie The Claims of Memory Politics and Public Affairs
05/05/1995 Wiesel, Elie The State: Its Proper Role in Our Lives Government
05/05/1995 Wiesel, Elie Capital Punishment Politics and Public Affairs
05/20/1994 Wiesel, Elie The Proper Role of the Intellectual in Our Lives Politics and Public Affairs
05/20/1994 Wiesel, Elie The Proper Boundaries between Religion and Politics, Church and State Religion
06/03/1993 Wiesel, Elie On Being Politically Correct Sociology
06/03/1993 Wiesel, Elie Making Ourselves Over … In Whose Image? Medicine and Health
05/28/1993 Wiesel, Elie Taking Life: Can It Be an Act of Compassion and Mercy Medicine and Health
05/28/1993 Wiesel, Elie Nationalism, Ethnicity … And World Peace? Foreign Affairs
03/09/1993 Wiesel, Elie The Use and Misuse of Memory Medicine and Health
03/09/1993 Wiesel, Elie Am I My Brother’s Keeper? History
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