Date Guest Title Topic
01/17/1980 Fitzgerald, Frances America Revised History
12/18/1979 Luce, Charles Power! Politics and Public Affairs
12/18/1979 Wachtler, Sol More on the Free Press, Fair Trial Debate Media and the Press
12/04/1979 Tuchman, Barbara A Distant Mirror The 14th Century and Today History
10/30/1979 Cousins, Norman World Peace Foreign Affairs
10/16/1979 Witkin, Richard Air Safety Politics and Public Affairs
10/09/1979 Miller, Neal Visceral Learning Education
09/14/1979 Podhoretz, Norman Norman Podhoretz on Public Affairs Politics and Public Affairs
08/23/1979 Pilpel, Harriet Free Speech and the Law, Part I Free Speech
06/18/1979 Lasch, Christopher American Life and Diminishing Expectations History
06/01/1979 Decter, Midge Feminism and the Family Gender and Feminism
06/01/1979 Fox, Muriel Feminism and the Family Gender and Feminism
06/01/1979 Schiller, Herbert I. Freedom of the Press or ‘Cultural Imperialism’ Media and the Press
05/06/1979 Gouldner, Alvin The Future of Intellectuals and The Rise of The New Class Education
04/29/1979 McGill, William Litigiousness Law
02/23/1979 Steinem, Gloria Feminism Today Gender and Feminism
01/14/1979 Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. The Kennedys History
12/26/1978 Gaylin, Willard Feelings Medicine and Health
10/20/1978 Knowles, John Going to the Hospital Is Bad for Your Health Health
08/07/1978 Kline, Nathan The Worried Well Medicine and Health

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