Date Guest Title Topic
09/19/1983 Weitz, John A Psychology of Fashion Medicine and Health
09/16/1983 Goodman, Walter (no title listed) Media and the Press
08/16/1983 Abram, Morris Equal Versus Compensatory Opportunity Human and Civil Rights
08/12/1983 Greenspan, Alan Regulating the Economy Government
08/04/1983 Cuomo, Mario Doing for Others What Has Been Done For Us Politics and Public Affairs
07/29/1983 Scott, Pat Culture, Art, and Recreation in New York Arts, Culture and Entertainment
07/26/1983 McGuire, Robert An Update on Crime, Safety, and Moral Decline History
07/22/1983 Abrams, Floyd Free Speech Issues, Part II Free Speech
07/21/1983 Rosenblatt, Roger The Journalist as Historian Media and the Press
07/21/1983 Korn, Lester The Future of Corporate Governance Business
07/15/1983 Abrams, Floyd Free Speech Issues, Part I Free Speech
07/08/1983 Hooks, Benjamin The Politics of Civil Rights Human and Civil Rights
07/01/1983 Thomas, Jo Saving the Environment Environment
06/26/1983 Hooks, Benjamin FTED: We Shall Overcome Government Human and Civil Rights Politics and Public Affairs
06/10/1983 Vasquez, Frances Frances Vasquez Education
06/03/1983 Capron, Alex Medical Ethics Ethics
05/29/1983 Thurow, Lester FTED: A New Industrial Policy Business Politics and Public Affairs
05/27/1983 Salant, Richard S. Views on the News: Richard S. Salant Media and the Press
05/22/1983 Wick, Chalres Z. FTED: Substance Government
05/15/1983 Dodd, Senator Christopher FTED: Salvadorean Solutions Politics and Public Affairs

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