Date Guest Title Topic
02/01/1987 Rumsfeld, Donald A Single Six Year Term President? Government
02/01/1987 Valenti, Jack A Single Six Year Term President? Government
01/24/1987 Abrams, Floyd Taking the Fifth Government
01/24/1987 Goodwin, Doris Kearns Another Dynasty: The Kennedys History
01/18/1987 Laber, Jeri The Limits of Glasnost Foreign Affairs
01/14/1987 Steinem, Gloria Gloria Steinem on Marilyn Monroe Gender and Feminism
01/04/1987 Brademas, John From Washington D.C. to Washington Square History
12/21/1986 Halberstam, David Power In America Government
12/21/1986 Westheimer, Ruth More Good Sex with Dr. Ruth Education
11/22/1986 O'Neill, Michael J. Terrorism and Television Politics and Public Affairs
11/22/1986 Zuckerman, Mortimer B. Gentleman of the Press Media and the Press
11/16/1986 Gyllenhammer, Pehr Reworking the Workplace Business
11/16/1986 Haide, Ma (George Hatem) Rx for the World’s Most Populous Nation Foreign Affairs
11/08/1986 Isaacson, Walter An American Aristocracy History
11/08/1986 Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. The Historian as Activist Politics and Public Affairs
10/26/1986 Berglas, Steven When Success Fails Medicine and Health
10/26/1986 LaBier, Douglas When Success Fails Medicine and Health
10/26/1986 MacKinnon, Catharine Men, Women, And Violence Crime and Violence
10/12/1986 Kohn, Alfie The Case Against Competition Business
10/12/1986 Pertshuk, Michael Deregulating America Government

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