Date Guest Title Topic
12/15/1984 Bateson, Mary Catherine With A Daughter’s Eye History
09/15/2008 Bauerlein, Mark The Dumbest Generation Education
09/27/1989 Baulieu, Etienne-Emile Science and Abortion: RU486 Medicine and Health
06/05/1977 Baun, Arne Terrorism, Hostage-Taking, and the Police Politics and Public Affairs
10/13/1994 Bausch, James A Guide to Good Giving Philanthropy
07/11/1977 Beame, Abraham Special WPIX Election Program Current Events
06/11/1992 Bell, Derrick The Permanence of Racism Human and Civil Rights
01/24/1982 Bell, Terrel H. FTED: Federal Role in Education Education Government Politics and Public Affairs
12/10/2003 Bellow, Adam In Praise of Nepotism Ethics
03/01/1959 Benton, William Little Red Schoolhouse Education
11/03/1957 Benton, William Science and Survival in the U.S. and Russia Science and Technology
09/15/1985 Berger, Stuart M. We Are What We Eat Health
10/26/1986 Berglas, Steven When Success Fails Medicine and Health
06/23/1957 Bernard, Viola W. New Approaches to Mental Illness Medicine and Health
10/13/1994 Bernstein, Richard On Being Politically Correct History
06/22/1985 Bernstein, Robert L. Books and Ideas: The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Foreign Affairs
05/16/2001 Berwick, Donald M. Improving Our Health Care, Part II Politics and Public Affairs
05/16/2001 Berwick, Donald M. Improving Our Health Care, Part I Politics and Public Affairs
03/15/1959 Biber, Barbara The Meaning of the Child in American Life Education Politics and Public Affairs
09/06/2014 Blacc, Aloe The Soul Man Human and Civil Rights Philanthropy
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