Date Guest Title Topic
11/11/1990 Grunwald, Henry Journalism and Diplomacy … Both Sides Now Foreign Affairs
11/11/1990 Roper, Burns What’s Your Opinion? Politics and Public Affairs
11/04/1990 Musto, David F. Drug Abuse … The American Disease Medicine and Health
11/04/1990 Smith, Sally Bedell Industrial Giants … or Robber Barons Business
10/27/1990 Grunwald, Henry The American Century … ? Foreign Affairs
10/14/1990 Dershowitz, Alan Dershowitz on Dershowitz History
10/14/1990 Dershowitz, Alan Free Press, Fair Press Media and the Press
09/23/1990 Phillips, Kevin The Politics of Rich and Poor Politics and Public Affairs
09/23/1990 Showalter, Elaine Sexual Anarchy Gender and Feminism
09/15/1990 Callahan, Daniel Setting Limits: A Calculus of Healthcare for the Aging Medicine and Health
09/15/1990 Callahan, Daniel What Must Be the Limits of Medical Progress Medicine and Health
09/03/1990 Caro, Robert Means of Ascent, Part I History
09/03/1990 Caro, Robert Means of Ascent, Part II History
07/29/1990 Brademas, John The Life of the Mind History
07/29/1990 Kellerman, Donald S. The Press and the People Media and the Press
07/22/1990 Franklin, John Hope The Uses of the Past History
07/22/1990 Lerner, Max Max Lerner … On the Universe of Ill Health
07/08/1990 Abrams, Floyd The Law … What Americans Can Learn from Others who Learned from Us Law
07/08/1990 Michels, Robert Altruism in Our Later Years Philanthropy
06/30/1990 Meyer, Karl E. Once Again … The Power of the Press Media and the Press

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