Date Guest Title Topic
01/11/1999 Podhoretz, Norman Ex-Friends, Part I Foreign Affairs
12/03/1998 Puttnam, David More About Movies and Money Arts, Culture and Entertainment
12/03/1998 Puttnam, David Movies and Money Arts, Culture and Entertainment
11/18/1998 Cooney, Joan Ganz Happy Birthday, Big Bird Media and the Press
11/18/1998 Evans, Harold The American Century History
11/18/1998 Neier, Aryeh Where Do You Draw the Line? History
11/18/1998 Sexton, John The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers Law
11/17/1998 Butler, Robert N. On Getting Older In America Medicine and Health
11/17/1998 Finn, David Fifty Years … and Running Business
11/17/1998 Wiesel, Elie The Claims of Memory Politics and Public Affairs
11/17/1998 Michels, Robert Psychoanalysis and Its Discontents Medicine and Health
09/16/1998 Caro, Robert Robert Caro on Lyndon Baines Johnson History
09/16/1998 Caro, Robert The History of the World Is But the Biography of Great Men History
09/16/1998 Neier, Aryeh War Crimes: How Much Do We Care About Them? Foreign Affairs
09/15/1998 Brown, Helen Gurley Helen Gurley Brown on The Writer’s Rules History
09/15/1998 Lewis, Dorothy Otrow Guilty By Reason of Insanity Law
09/15/1998 Paolucci, Anne A. How Do We Bring Our Students Up to Speed? Education
09/15/1998 Westheimer, Ruth Dr. Ruth and the Sexual Revolution Education
09/15/1998 Westheimer, Ruth Dr. Ruth on ‘Grandparenthood’ Education
06/30/1998 Carter, Stephen L. On Civility and the Etiquette of Democracy, Part I History

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