Date Guest Title Topic
11/03/1999 McChesney, Robert Rich Media, Poor Democracy, Part I History
11/03/1999 Dement, William For A Sleep-Sick Society: ‘The Promise of Sleep’ Health
11/01/1999 Garfinkle, Norton Communitarianism and Partnership Government Government
09/22/1999 Tiger, Lionel The Decline of Males Gender and Feminism
09/22/1999 Rohrlich, Jay B. Work and Narcissism Medicine and Health
09/22/1999 Franks, Lucinda There Seems to be No End to the Way the Press Misinterprets, Manipulates, and Quotes Out of Context in Order to Create A Story Media and the Press
09/22/1999 Brill, Steven Is Anyone Ever Off Limits? History
09/21/1999 Yankelovich, Daniel The Magic of Dialogue Sociology
09/21/1999 Levine, Arthur Can We Have Smaller Classes And Better Teachers? Education
09/21/1999 Hamburg, Beatrix Violence in American Schools Crime and Violence
09/21/1999 Badillo, Herman The Challenge of Urban Higher Education: Wide Access/High Standards Education
05/26/1999 Wiesel, Elie Must the Past Be Prologue? History
05/26/1999 Ledeen, Michael Machiavelli on Modern Leadership Government
05/26/1999 Gardner, Howard The Disciplined Mind, Part II Education
05/26/1999 Gardner, Howard The Disciplined Mind, Part I Education
03/11/1999 Wall, James The Mote that Is in Your Neighbor’s Eye History
03/11/1999 Rimel, Rebecca W. The Media: A Power To Motivate or Manipulate? Media and the Press
03/11/1999 Kaye, Judith Lawyering for a New Age Law
03/11/1999 Crouch, Stanley Stanley Crouch: The Real Deal History
03/09/1999 Podhoretz, Norman Ex-Friends, Part II Foreign Affairs
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