Date Guest Title Topic
10/14/1990 Dershowitz, Alan Free Press, Fair Press Media and the Press
10/14/1990 Dershowitz, Alan Dershowitz on Dershowitz History
07/24/1980 DeSola Pool, Ithiel Government and the Scientist’s Freedom Government
05/11/2001 DeWaal, Frans The Survival of the Kindest, Part II Medicine and Health
05/11/2001 DeWaal, Frans The Survival of the Kindest, Part I Medicine and Health
10/02/1996 Dickie, John Anything Goes Media and the Press
12/05/2001 DiIulio, John J., Jr. The Faith Factor Philanthropy
11/15/2014 Dinkins, David A Mayor and His City Politics and Public Affairs
05/15/1983 Dodd, Senator Christopher FTED: Salvadorean Solutions Politics and Public Affairs
04/20/1958 Dodson, Dan Harlem, New York City History
09/11/1988 Dole, Vincent Addiction: A Medical Rather Than A Moral Issue Medicine and Health
10/18/1981 Domenici, Sen. Pete FTED: Senator Pete Domenici Government Politics and Public Affairs
11/09/1958 Donelli, Buff The American Way in Sports Arts, Culture and Entertainment
12/05/2005 Dowd, Maureen Are Men Necessary? Gender and Feminism
10/05/2004 Dowd, Maureen Maureen Dowd’s “Bushworld” Politics and Public Affairs
10/29/1981 Dowling, Colette The Cinderella Complex and the Prince’s Problems Gender and Feminism
11/23/1985 Downey, Peter What Lies Ahead for Public TV? Media and the Press
11/17/1956 Drew, Cornelius Can We Unlearn Prejudice? Human and Civil Rights Medicine and Health Politics and Public Affairs Sociology
06/30/1998 Dryfoos, Joy Safe Passages: Making It Through Adolescence In A Risky Society Crime and Violence Education
04/01/1989 Duberman, Martin Paul Robeson … All American History
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