Date Guest Title Topic
04/11/2001 Chassin, Mark How Well Are We? Health
01/12/1984 Chavez, Linda FTED: How Far to the Right for the New Civil Rights Commission? Human and Civil Rights
01/19/2013 Chen, Pauline Doctor and Patient Health
01/12/2013 Chen, Pauline FINAL EXAM, A Surgeon’s Reflections on Mortality Ethics Health
11/04/1989 Cheney, Lynne V. Knowing What We Need to Know Education
03/21/1984 Cherne, Leo America’s Reluctant Optimist History
04/26/1959 Cherne, Leo Germany and Democracy Foreign Affairs
01/23/2010 Chesler, Ellen Eleanor Roosevelt — First Lady of the World Government History
01/11/2014 Christensen, Kathleen America’s families have changed… its workplaces haven’t Sociology
03/04/2005 Christensen, Kathleen Women as Change Agents in America, Part II Gender and Feminism
01/12/2005 Christensen, Kathleen Women as Change Agents in America, Part I Gender and Feminism
03/23/1958 Ciardi, John America and the Uncommon Man History
09/27/1987 Clark, Kenneth B. Equality and Justice for All Human and Civil Rights
10/29/1982 Clark, Kenneth B. Kenneth Clark and Brown v. Board of Education Human and Civil Rights
03/10/1957 Clinebell, Howard J., Jr. The Treatment of Alcoholism Medicine and Health
07/19/1986 Coffin, William Sloane A Man for All Seasons History
04/09/2002 Cohen, David A Further Look “Democracy In America” Politics and Public Affairs
08/27/2011 Cohen, Richard Doctors in America: “Professionals” or “Providers” Health Medicine and Health
01/29/2004 Cohen, Richard The Art and Science of Medicine Medicine and Health
08/01/1984 Coles, Robert S. To See or Not to See Health
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