Date Guest Title Topic
11/08/2014 Baker, Mitchell Our Digital Future Media and the Press Science and Technology
09/06/2014 Blacc, Aloe The Soul Man Human and Civil Rights Philanthropy
03/07/2015 Blanco, Richard Prince of the Stanza Books and Publishing Gender and Feminism
01/17/2015 Bradley, Bill Our Political Future Politics and Public Affairs
01/24/2015 Chang, Lan Samantha A Writer’s Workshop Arts, Culture and Entertainment Education
07/26/2014 Deggans, Eric Race & The Fourth Estate Media and the Press
03/21/2015 deLone, Maddy Righting the Moral Wrong Human and Civil Rights Law Sociology
01/31/2015 Deresiewicz, William Excellent Sheep…or Snakes? Books and Publishing Education
11/15/2014 Dinkins, David A Mayor and His City Politics and Public Affairs
02/14/2015 Frist, Bill The Doctor’s Orders Health Medicine and Health
10/11/2014 Gardner, Sue Reflections of a Wikimaniac, Part II Media and the Press
10/04/2014 Gardner, Sue Reflections of a Wikimaniac Media and the Press
10/18/2014 Gleason, Joanna Master Actress Education
02/28/2015 Gordon, Kate Risky Business of Climate Change Environment
08/02/2014 Gordon-Reed, Annette History’s Double Standard Books and Publishing Government History Politics and Public Affairs
04/19/2014 Heffner, Richard D. In Memoriam: Richard D. Heffner 1925 – 2013 Politics and Public Affairs
09/13/2014 Herman, Susan Freedom from Religion Human and Civil Rights Politics and Public Affairs Religion
03/14/2015 Karpovsky, Alex Generation Lost…or Found? Current Events
12/20/2014 Katz, James A Social Media President? Government Media and the Press Politics and Public Affairs
07/05/2014 Keller, Bill The Marshall Project Law Media and the Press Science and Technology
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