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Tough Love

Founded in 1985, STRIVE has grown from a small office in East Harlem to a program boasting an 80% job retention rate among its graduates in twenty cities across the country. At the heart of the program is President and CEO Rob Carmona's belief that unemployed workers need to adjust their attitude to the workplace, which distinguishes it from more traditional job training programs that stress more traditional work skills.

Carmona believes that race is a major obstacle to employment for many of the young minority men and women who go through STRIVE. But he also sees the stereotypes attached to race as something that can be largely overcome. "In spite of race, you will be more judged on what type of person you are, what type of worker you are, and what decisions you make."

For more information, visit the STRIVE website, or read an extended profile of the program by Kay S. Hymowitz from a Winter 1997 issue of CITY JOURNAL.
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