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The Moral Debate on War
On Friday, April 4, 2003, NEW YORK VOICES organized a panel of spiritual leaders and religious journalists to discuss faith, moral issues, and the war in Iraq.

The panelists were:

Reverend Dr. Forest Church is senior minister of All Souls Unitarian Church, and the author and editor of more than twenty books, most recently, THE AMERICAN CREED: A SPIRITUAL AND PATRIOTIC PRIMER.

Rabbi Irving Greenberg is president of the Jewish Life Network, former chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and author of LIVING IN THE IMAGE OF GOD: JEWISH TEACHINGS TO PERFECT THE WORLD among other titles.

Chris Hedges of the NEW YORK TIMES is a veteran war correspondent, and author of WAR IS A FORCE THAT GIVES US MEANING.

William McGurn is the WALL STREET JOURNAL'S chief editorial writer, a member of JOURNAL's editorial board, and a columnist for the paper's weekend edition. He writes frequently about Catholicism.
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