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Measuring the Impact

Measuring the Impact
Late last year, representatives from seven consulting firms put aside their work -- and egos -- to participate in a pro bono effort to gauge the economic impact of September 11. In six weeks, the group generated a 156-page study, measuring the extent of the damage, and identifying priorities for the city's response. The report became more than just an invaluable resource; it symbolized how a group of New Yorkers came together, pooled their talents, and aided in the recovery process.

Click here to read a recent update of the economic impact report.

The project was organized by Kathryn S. Wylde, president of the New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce. Download a copy of Wylde's February 25th testimony before the Joint Hearing of the Committee on Economic Development and the Select Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment.

To learn more about rebuilding downtown, read a transcript of Rafael Pi Roman's recent interview with John C. Whitehead, Chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.
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