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Living with AIDS/HIV
Infected with HIV in her teens, Pam is married, working and raising children. Her story, as she is first to insist, is about living with AIDS, not dying of it. But it is not an easy road.

Pam and her physician struggle with the right level of medication and intervention. She is concerned about the prejudice her children may encounter because of her HIV status. She has dealt with the demands of a sensitive and demanding drug regimen. But despite all the challenges, Pam is a partner in an intact family, a successful mother, and supported by a circle of friends and colleagues as she works to educate others about HIV/AIDS.

What does it take to live with HIV/AIDS? What is the best way to insure that one's children are free from HIV at birth if you're positive? What does it really take to adhere to a drug regimen? What's an acceptable standard of care? With longer life expectancy, what problems do families with members who have HIV/AIDS face?

The Family Center is an organization that works to create a more secure present and future for children whose parents have a life-threatening illness by providing comprehensive legal and social services, education and research.

Herbert G. Birch Services is an organization dedicated to helping people facing overwhelming obstacles beat the odds.
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