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New York Comes Back: Mayor Ed Koch

In the late 1970s, the finances, infrastructure, and social fabric of New York City were in dire shape. "In 1975, New York came to the brink of bankruptcy," recalls Joyce Purnick of the NEW YORK TIMES. "In 1977 there was a blackout and there was looting and lawlessness in certain parts of the city. There was a sense that the city was out of control. And a lot of people forget that. But that's how it felt then."

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Columnist Michael Goodwin sees that period as "an important time" for the city and the country. "It was a test of whether urban areas could survive."

And then came Ed Koch. The twelve tumultuous years that followed are the subject of an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York and a companion book, both called NEW YORK COMES BACK.

The exhibit will be on display at the museum until March 26th.

Originally Broadcast February 24, 2006
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