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Coming Together to Heal

Coming Together to Heal

Last fall, Marianna Koval and her colleagues at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Coalition organized an effort to plant 25,000 daffodil bulbs in the shape of two towers on the Brooklyn waterfront. A tribute to those lost on September 11, the memorial garden was part of a citywide undertaking that turned into the largest volunteer horticulture project in New York history.

In late October and early November, nearly 7,500 volunteers came together to plant more than a million daffodils at 325 sites in all five boroughs. Lynden Miller, Co-Chairman of New Yorkers for Parks, conceived of the Daffodil Project as a way to commemorate the recent tragedy and symbolize the city's rebirth.

With help from New York City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Miller coordinated the project and gathered donations from companies and individuals throughout the city. The flowers themselves were part of a generous gift from B & K Bulbs of Holland, the city of Rotterdam, the Port Authority of Rotterdam, and the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.

To find photos, press releases, and links to articles about the Daffodil Project, visit the Web site of the New York City's Department of Parks & Recreation.

Additional information is available from New Yorkers for Parks, a non-profit organization that coordinated the Daffodil Project.

To learn more about methods for coping with trauma, read Rafael Pi Roman's interview with psychologist Dr. Jack Saul.

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