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Institutional Care
Eleanor made it clear she didn't want to live with her children. She was just fine living at a distance in her long-time home. But when neighbors told her daughter, Marnie, that her mother had been wandering at night, and conversations showed Eleanor's memory was slipping, the question that Marnie and her family had to face was "where will mom be safe?"

With savings and a long-term health care policy, the answer was easier than it is for many families, but the anxiety and guilt Marnie endured are familiar to everyone who faces the question of long-term care for a relative.

How can you make the best possible choices for your parent? What benefits can your elder relative find in a good caregiving facility? What can you do to protect your loved one, and what do you need to know about rules, regulations, and finances?

Because every caregiving situation presents unique and personal questions, we've included some of the most recognized, broadest organizations. Each one of these Web sites provides extensive information and links to further resources. Many also provide opportunities to use the Internet to connect with other caregivers and share their advice and support.
Advocacy and advice for caregivers from the Alzheimer's Association.
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging is committed to advancing the vision of healthy, affordable, ethical long-term care.
Friends and Relatives of the Institutionalized Aged is an independent non-profit advocacy group that helps nursing home residents and their families and friends, educates consumers, and seeks more effective laws and public policies.
American Bar Association gives referrals to lawyers with eldercare experience.
The U.S. Administration on Aging's Web page for community services.
A seniors' guide to the Web.
Valuable resource for information and referrals.
A guide to what medicare covers.
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